Saturday, August 27, 2016

Magika No Kenshi To Shoukan Maou Volume 10

Chapter 1 – King Sailing Out

Everyone wanted to know about 「Hayashizaki Kazuki」―.

Carrying a lofty mission inside their chest, a group of three people were lurking inside a forest. While being wrapped inside the chorus of the crickets and the grassy-smelling greens, they were squatting inside a thicket.

Their figures with their eyes sparkling fiercely even while avoiding people’s eye was endlessly close with that of criminals.

“Even if he is hiding inside the toilet, I’m not going to let even a hair of his ass escape and make the article for sure.”

A man wearing a worn out shirt and chino pants murmured with a low voice that sounded sticky.

His alias was 〈Turtle Oota〉. He chased around people that were famous in society vindictively, if he didn’t see any smoke then he would fabricate the source himself, even people in the same profession called him 「Information Pyromaniac」 in dislike, he was a 「scandal specialist journalist」.

“The glimmer of my lens cross over the far away space and cut through an instant…”

Beside the Turtle, a man that was setting up an old fashioned film camera murmured.

This man’s alias was 〈Simo Heyhe 1 Iijima〉. With his telescope lens and magic reinforced eyesight he caught his target accurately from extraordinary distance, he then burned that perception sight into his 〈Magic Impression Heat Film Psychofilm〉 like a sniper, he was a 「peeping photo specialist cameraman」.

“It’s in that direction see. I caught wind of information that says if Hayashizaki Kazuki is staying in that lodging house.”

The one who was pointing at the sea from between the trees and saying that to Turtle and Simo Heyhe was the woman that was the third person of the group.

The woman’s alias was 〈Anal Kirishima〉. She retired from the Knight Order due to a mental injury from her battle against the Demon Beasts, besides using her experience for military analyst activity, she also sold the Knight Order’s secret information to the mass media and made a killing in profit, she was a 「former knight with a lax mouth」.

Journalist, cameraman, informant, the group of three were hiding their body inside the national forest that spread along the coastline. There was a cove ahead of the forest. It was a calm natural harbor without any wave.

Any kind of large-type ship surly could anchor there.

“A hidden cove in the forest that is forbidden to enter… it’s completely a「hidden harbor」 isn’t it?”
Turtle murmured. Anal was “Right, it’s a hidden harbor” and nodded.

“When the knight order received people and material from a foreign country, they secretly used this cove. Even if there is no diplomacy, we are still rarely exchanging things with the outside. This is made a secret from the people by them.”

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