Saturday, August 27, 2016

Magika No Kenshi To Shoukan Maou Volume 12

Chapter 1 – Trigger of Passion

The land that appeared on the sea northeast of America wasn’t small like an island and wasn’t big like a continent. It seemed suitable to call it as a [small continent]――that was what was reported.

America deployed an investigation fleet and aircrafts.

The  investigation  group  approached  the  unknown  small  continent  <Atlantis>  from  two ways of the sea and the sky.

What was awaiting them was a very thick <magic power cloud>.

When  they  arrived  until  the  coastal  waters  of  Atlantis,  the  ships  and  aircraft  of  the investigation team were all enveloped by magic power cloud so thick that they couldn’t even see a few steps ahead. It was like they were enveloped by glittering cotton candy tinged with blue magic power light.

Even so the investigation team pushed through the magic power cloud and advanced.

Inside the magic power cloud, not to mention devices like radar, even sensing magic was obstructed. The  dread  and  anxiety  that  the  investigation  team  felt  wasn’t  something superficial.

On the path of the investigation team that advanced while mustering their courage, a wall of steel with black luster stood toweringly.

The surroundings of Atlantis was encircled by a wall like a fortress.

Over there was a [rejection] to the degree that made them stand petrified.

The  investigation  team  attempted  to  destroy  the  wall.  The  missiles  loaded  inside  the aircrafts,  the  summoning  magic  of  the  Magika  Stigmas  boarding  the  ship――however, there wasn’t even a micron of a scratch inflicted on the wall from those.

There was no other conclusion they could make except that it was impossible to destroy this wall.

When they looked up at a loss, the wall was continuing high without end――it exceeded the troposphere that was the height limit for aircrafts and reached until the stratosphere.

At  a  height  more  than  that  the  engine  couldn’t  burn  the  air,  the  aircrafts  couldn’t  fly properly there.

In  addition,  far  higher  than  the  troposphere,  the  air  became  turbulent  like  countlessserpents rampaging around.

Rejection. The extremely hard wall, and the rampaging lid of turbulence.

There was no other conclusion that they could make other than that it was impossible to infiltrate.

……However just how in the world was this kind of wall made?

It obviously looked like something man-made. However there had never been a confirmed case of a man-made thing generated inside a <Haunted Ground> that was created from a distortion of the world. This was not something generated by the effect of natural magic power like a Haunted Ground.

Was this a wall made by someone?

Then, was there someone inside? An existence, that surpassed human knowledge was…….

The investigation team finally surrendered to the terror they couldn’t resist and returned back to their country……

“Resist  it  you  idiot.  Making  a  face  and  a  voice  from  X-files  like  that,  are  you  screwing

Clark Moore sent a yakuza kick toward Ridley Spielberg that was making her report with an  eerie  voice  that  was  like  making  an  acting  performance.  (TN:  Change  the  name  of Ridley Spillback into Spielberg. I’m really bad at translating these names.)

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