Friday, August 26, 2016

Magika No Kenshi To Shoukan Maou Volume 01

Chapter 1 - The Swordsman in Magic Division 

Hayashizaki Kanae is a female swordsman with the title of <Storm Cat>.

Since her childhood period, she went to many dojos and defeated them without a single loss. Her ponytail was like a black cat’s tail, flapping in the sky.
The strikes from her two sword style Kodachis flowed nonstop and were undoubtedly an infinite wind of swords.

Her battle form was indeed similar to her title of a Storm.

However, her sleeping face was like an angel.

The curtains were fully opened and the sunlight from the morning shone into the dark room. But even so, she still slept like a sleeping princess and showed no signs of awakening. Her skin was white to the extent that the light went through her cheeks. Her long black hair was tied disorderly and was in a mess. Her usual stern swordsman’s face was also innocent and relaxed.

……It’s been a long time since he saw her, she had become cute. Kazuki looked at her fascinated.

No, no, wait. This is not the occasion to look at his imouto in fascination.

“Hey, quickly wake up. Breakfast is already made.”

Hayashizaki Kazuki infused a loving gesture and shook her shoulders. Just at this moment ——

“——Nii-sama, chance!”

Kanae’s eyes, who he thought was still asleep, suddenly opened.


Kanae’s hands and feet were like tentacles and suddenly stuck out from under the blanket.

Kanae’s soft and small hands and legs wrapped around Kazuki’s body. In just a short period of time, she pulled Kazuki onto the bed and was tightly hugging him.
Towards him, Kanae revealed a fearless smile

“Nii-sama being attracted by his imouto’s cute sleeping face had become careless. The bed is the battlefield for men and women. This is the Hayashizaki-Ryuu’s Art <Strategy of Flower Attracting Insect> (Deathly Plant Temptation)

“……Don’t just randomly invent a ridiculous art.”

Kanae, who was rubbing her face, flirted with Kazuki, who was stunned and sighed.

“The feeling of Nii-sama, the scent of Nii-sama, it has really been a long time. Even though yesterday Kanae finally had the opportunity to return home, but Nii-sama was not willing to sleep with me. It must be because you’re embarrassed, so Kanae thought of a scheme. As expected, you’re embarrassed, right?”

“I’m not embarrassed! ……Really now. If it were before, it would be fine. Right now we are both high school students, it is disgusting for siblings to be stuck together. I have already said not to hug me!”

“Don’t treat Kanae’s pure sibling love as something disgusting!”

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