Sunday, July 24, 2016

Washio Sumi wa Yuusha de Aru Chapter 09

[And then, something like this~!]
Gin princess carried Sumi firmly.
[Ahh, just like that~ Alright~ Ideas are rising up like a fountain~]
Sonoko repeatedly nodded.

[Then can we stop now, Sonoko?]
[No no, a little longer~]
[But it's embarrassing in this posture, Sonocchi]
Sumi who was being carried muttered.

[And I'm getting tired, even for this well trained hero Gin-sama, it's tough to keep carrying someone for a long time]
[Cough. We-well, it helps that I'm not that heavy, isn't it?]
[Nah, I dunno. Aren't those big fruits on your body heavy?]
["Fruits", that joke again...]

[Okay okay~ You two, stop that dream crushing exchange~ Stay romantic~] Sonoko warned Gin and Sumi.
[Why did it turn out like this?]
[Isn't it all because of what you said, Gin? Seriously]

In  order  to  fight  against  Vertexes,  the  heroes  kept  training  day  after  day,  but sometimes, they also had days off.
This time, in one of those breaks, Sumi and Gin went to Sonoko's house to play.
There, they got to learned a shocking truth.

[Eh? Sonocchi, you uploaded the novel you're writing onto the internet?]
[Ehehe, that's right~ Only the part I have confidence in, though~]
[You  sure  have  courage...  Now  that  I  think  about  it,  of  course  you  do  because you're a hero]
Gin suddenly admired her.

[My novel is on this site~ See, this is me~]
[Leet me see... eh? Ehh? What with this big number of visitors!? Just how many people is reading your novel, Sonoko?]

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