Sunday, July 24, 2016

Washio Sumi wa Yuusha de Aru Chapter 08

Chapter 8: Friends 

By ■■■■ our bodies to the Shinju-sama, we are able to continue fighting.
That is a very commendable thing…
My parents said, as they cried.
Wasshi~…no, you’re ■■■■-san now.
I’m glad you got off better than I did.

Hero record 298.10.11

Vertex, mankind’s natural enemy had launched their attack.
Shikoku had been transformed by the power of the Holy Tree.
An egg-shaped faerie came out of the terminal and flew beside Sumi.
—This is my faerie… Support for us heroes.
—Yours is so round and cute, Wasshi~. Mine is~
Sonoko manipulated her terminal.
—Here it is. A crow~
—Sonocchi, please refer to it as what it is, a Crow Tengu…There’s a big difference between one and a normal crow.

—Ah, is that so~? Let’s do our best, Mr. Crow Tengu~
Looking at Sonoko’s usual carefree attitude, Sumi noticed her tension had been lifted as well.
(Sonocchi… My dear friend. I will definitely protect you.)
—Alrighty then, let’s change~

—Understood, Sonocchi!
Sumi and Sonoko transformed into their hero forms in the midst of the forestized world.
At the same time, Sumi’s new weapon materialized.
It was what’s been known as a sniper rifle since the old era.
This was the result of seeking a higher fire output than that of a bow.
From the moment she was informed of the change, Sumi had been training with firearms so much that her body got used to them.
Its bullets were also especially made for Hero-use.
—Shirogane’s so cool~
Sonoko had great expectations of the weapon named after her friend.
—You can rest assured that during battle, I won’t let anything get close to you.
—Yep! Sniper Wasshi~ is so cool.
The two headed towards the bridge.

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