Sunday, July 24, 2016

Washio Sumi wa Yuusha de Aru Chapter 06

Chapter 6: Fairies 

I received a lot of gifts sent from the Taisha.
My family also gained more power in the Taisha, it seems.
This special treatment surprised me then.
But, after looking into it, it wasn’t anything special.
In any era, ■■■■■ receive kindnesses.

Hero Record 298.8.12

Sumi and Sonoko went to Taisha’s training facility.
From the fundamental disciplines to spear swinging practice, after finishing everything from start to end, Sonoko was now left gasping for breath.
—Haah, haah, haa…
—Sonocchi. You should drink some water.
Sumi put the cold drink agaisnt the back of Sonoko’s neck.
—Ahyan~ It’s cold~!
—Fufu, your voice’s amusing.
—Thanks, Wasshi… gulp gulp, puhah, mm~ I live for this drink!
Sonoko busted out a smile befitting summer.

—Just now, you looked very much like Gin; it takes skill to talk like a middle-aged man.
—I see, guess I still need to practice more~
After continuing to cry over Gin, Sumi and Sonoko’s tears finally stopped.
Gin’s soul had been embraced by the Shinju-sama, and was now watching over their efforts.
That was what Sensei told them.
Moreover, if they closed their eyelids, they could always see Gin in their heart.
Since they realized that, the two girls had pressed down their sadness and returned to their daily life.

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