Sunday, July 24, 2016

Washio Sumi wa Yuusha de Aru Chapter 05

It was the first day of summer.

—Here we go, hold tight Sonoko.
—Wa~, so fa~st!
Sonoko was ecstatic, as Gin pulled her swim ring around.
The three heroes are currently playing at a pool owned by Taisha (reserved for them).
It was per Gin’s suggestion, since they, as heroes, needed to improve their basic physical skills.
—He~y Sumi. How long are you gonna be doing those warm-up exercises for?
Gin called to Sumi, hopping up by the poolside.
—You guys went in too fast. Gin, you didn’t even do your warm-ups, unbelievable.
Sumi said as she stretched.
—Water accidents are really scary. I’d rather be safe than sorry.
—Fufu~…Take a look, Sonoko. Sumi really does… have a body unfit for an elementary schooler,
don’t you think?

—I’m so jealous~. It’s like a fruit shop~
—Wait, what are two looking at!
—Gimme those peaches, pops.
—Shut up, Gin.
Sumi entered the water blushing.
—… so cold, it feels nice…
—Hey, this just came to me. But what if enemies show up now? Will we sortie in swimsuits?
—Ah~ that’ll probably happen~
—It’d look pretty miserable if we were to lose…We gotta be careful.
—Speaking of water, Gin. You just went and drank that Vertex’s water. Did nothing really
happen afterwards?
—Ah… Thinking about it, I might get addicted to that taste. I kinda wanna drink it again, fufufu.
—I wonder if it had any addictive substances… Still, you’re looking pretty well. I’m glad.
—Super well. That’s my redeeming feature!
Gin said as she made a fist.

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