Sunday, July 24, 2016

Washio Sumi wa Yuusha de Aru Chapter 04

Chapter 4: Battle. 

■■■■ years ago, according to documents of the ■■■ era,

friends that you wanted to stay with forever were called forever friends.
It’s an interesting word somehow, and I liked it.
Us three are forever friends.
Even now.
I feel them close to me.

Hero Record 298.7.10

Nogi household, Sonoko’s room.
—I… I really don’t think this suits me.
—That’s not true, right Wasshi~?
—Yes, It suits you very well, Gin. (snap)
—H-Hey! Stop it, Sumi. Don’t take pictures.
—Aah. Me too, me too; a photo session.
Sonoko quickly took out her terminal.
—Daa~. That’s it, this ends now.

—Ah~, don’t take them off, I still haven’t taken any.
—I’ll send you the pictures later, Sonocchi.
—Ku~h. I thought I would be able to dress up Sumi as I pleased. How did it turn out like this?
Sumi and Gin were hanging out at Sonoko’s house.
And the moment Gin proposed Sumi should try out some of Sonoko’s frilly clothes…
—But… Don’t you think this would suit Gin as well?

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