Sunday, July 24, 2016

Washio Sumi wa Yuusha de Aru Chapter 02

Chapter 2: Minowa Gin 

Taisha Historical Documentaries Department - Miko-sama

The first time I saw Minowa Gin.
I thought it would be a little hard to deal with her.
Her voice was loud, and she was so strong-willed,
that I felt overawed.
But after we got closer, I realized that she was a really good girl.
For that to be ____ that led to ________…

Hero Diary 298/5/15

Depending on the situation, Minowa Gin’s morning might start early.
Since she had to take care of her newborn baby brother.
—Hey there, even if our ages are far apart, aren’t you still the great Gin-sama’s brother?
While looking at the baby’s eyes, Gin spoke.

—Uuh… ugh…
—Like I said, don’t cry. You can only cry when you realize that the New Year’s money mom keeps for you will never return.
Happily, Gin tried to make a joke.
—Uee… *sob*

—Ahh, now he started grumbling… Seems like it’s not because of milk or nappy…
Even when they aren’t dissatisfied with anything, babies can often just keep whining for a long time like a smolder.
She knew that fact very well.
—First, I put you on my lap...

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