Thursday, July 28, 2016

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In our world there are objects that go by the name of “Relic.”

Not antiques or items of classical art, no: they may be tools with special powers created by mighty ancients or magicians, or objects that have absorbed human grudges or natural spiritual powers after long exposure to them.

For instance, a stone that brings good luck, a doll whose hair grows night after night, a mirror that shows your future appearance, a sword that brings ruin to anyone who draws it.

Everybody has most likely heard of their existence as they appear in countless fairy tales and rumors.

Most people consider relics mere fantasies because they have not seen them. They do not notice them even if they are right before their eyes, and they dismiss it as some sort of coincidence if something mysterious occurs.

Some are unconcerned, while others are certain such things do not exist.

Regrettably, Relics are closer to us than we may think. Whether they bring good or ill fortune is up to the one who chooses to use them.


If a coincidence occurs several times, does it become an inevitability?

For instance, pretend you’re walking in the city and happen to meet someone you know. You haven’t arranged anything beforehand, nor does he share or know where you are headed.

In that case, you’d probably mark it down as a coincidence the first time. The second time you may find it a funny coincidence, and the third time, well, perhaps you’d be surprised by that remarkable string of coincidences.

However, if the number of encounters grows too large, you might come to think that this person is pursuing you.

But meeting someone who neither shares nor knows your destination without prearrangement of some kind is and will be pure coincidence no matter how many times you happen upon him.

If you meet someone who knows where you go and who is pursuing you, then it’s by no means coincidence.

Which brings me back to my question:
If a coincidence occurs several times, does it become an inevitability?

And I answer:
The way I see it, a coincidence does not become inevitable no matter how many times it occurs.

Coincidence remains coincidence even if it occurs repeatedly, and inevitability remains inevitable even if it occurs only once.

Coincidence is never going to become inevitability and inevitability is never going to become coincidence.

Coincidence is mere coincidence, inevitability is mere inevitability.
“So what?” you may ask, and you’re actually right.

But there is one thing I can say:
That we met was nothing but pure coincidence.

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