Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The Student Council President's Secret Laid Bare

Chapter 1: The Student Council President's Secret!? 

A boy’s blank mind saw a cute girl in a white dress whose name he did not know. She was crying and wet from the rain.

“What’s the matter?” he asked in a young voice.

“Eh!? Kyaaaaaaah…”

She seemed surprised by his sudden appearance, so she fell butt-first into a puddle and her teary blue eyes quavered.

She may have thought a bully or a dangerous person had spoken to her because she froze in place and her expression stiffened.

But after staring at him for a few seconds, she seemed to realize he was not anyone to be afraid of.

The fact that he was about her age seemed to tell her he could not harm her, so the fear in her blue eyes faded, she breathed a sigh of relief, and her cute expression returned.

“Are you okay? You can get out of the rain at my house.”

“Th-thanks…hyah!? Why? …No. Don’t look… Don’t looooook!”

She may have been a little too relieved by his kind words when she was feeling so forlorn. The girl frantically held down her skirt and her small body trembled.

Several ripples spread through the puddle she was sitting in and a yellow liquid that obviously was not rainwater followed.

“Sob, sob, sob. …This is too embarrassing… I…I…sob…”

“D-don’t worry. Let’s get to my house. You need to take a bath.”


He pulled on the crying girl’s hand as he walked through the rain, opened the front door, and entered his house.

“The bath is on the left at the end of the hallway.”

“O-okay… Thanks…”

After sending the girl to the bath, he ran to grab a fresh towel.

He might have been able to ask his parents, but unfortunately both of them were at work He had to take care of it even if he was not used to it.

Seemingly urged on by something, he grabbed a fresh towel from high in the closet and rushed down the hallway to the bath.

“I have a towel for you, so I’ll be coming in.”


He called in from outside the door but received no answer. She had likely left the changing room, so she would be using the shower. He felt his heart beating harder than it ever had before as he slowly opened the changing room door and peeked inside.

“You can put your clothes in the washing-…!?”

But as soon as he did, he froze in place.

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