Saturday, July 23, 2016

Shomen Tanteidan

Battle Spirits: The Novel


Do you know about Isekai World...?

Apart from what they display to the public, museums and galleries usually have many other pieces that their guests cannot see. The Sawaragi Gallery has a special safe where these secret items are collected.


J's blue eyes looked into the empty glass case. There was a depression in the stand about as large as his thumb. Something had been there.

And now it was gone.

"No, J." A black cat jumped atop the glass case. J was the only one in the darkness of the safe. The one talking to him was this cat.


"This safe is as secure as a bank's. A thief couldn't have snuck in here. The glass is reinforced and bulletproof." The talking cat Okyou tapped the case lightly with the end of her black tail.

"You couldn't get at the contents of the case unless you undid the electronic lock. But there's no signs of the password being tampered with, Okyou." J checked the case's security device. Nothing was wrong with it. "Meaning... the contents disappeared from the inside of the case." Like the work of a ghost.

Ok you raised her whiskers as if searching for an invisible presence, then looked up at her master, J. Platinum blond hair and clear skin, with a cape matching his pure white clothes. He was a clean-cut boy. J's father was a Northern European businessman, and his mother was from an esteemed Kyoto family. He was still only 12 years old, but as the heir to the Sawaragi Foundation, he was well known in the circles of politicians and company presidents. "If it had been an ordinary jewel in the case, that would be a tall tale... but..."

"It wasn't an ordinary jewel... it was a pyroxene. Not to mention..." Okyou licked her chops. "A cursed pyroxene, at that...!"

The stone clasping J's cape shone the same mystic color as his eyes. Okyou jumped onto J's shoulder, brushing her cheek against his soft hair. "Does this have anything to do with Isekai World...?" said Okyou ominously.

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