Sunday, July 10, 2016

Sayonara Piano Sonata Volume 04

Chapter 1

The Way to Sing, The Way to Open the Door

That winter was the very first time in my life when I wrecked my brain over what present I should get for a girl.

It was morning in the practice room of the Folks Music Club. Due to the drum set and the amplifiers, there was barely any space left in the room even though only Chiaki and I were in it. The air outside
was chilling to the bones, but it was really warm inside of here.

The  other  two  girls  should  be  here  soon,  right?  —  I  thought  to myself as I stared at the bundled short hair swaying between the cymbals.  There  was  no  way  I  could  ask  Mafuyu,  whom  I  will  be giving  the  present  to,  for  ideas.  Also,  I  had  no  intention  of consulting Senpai since it would definitely pique her interest.

However, when I had finally decided to discuss it with Chiaki, she asked me this question instead: "Haa? Present?". She then threw a punch in my direction.

"What was that for......"

I rubbed my head gingerly as I picked up the fallen bass.

"What's the present for? Come on, say it again."

Asked Chiaki as she puffed at her fist. Who would have the guts to answer  you?  However,  I  was  forced  to  answer  in  stutters  as Chiaki's gaze was becoming sharper and sharper.

"Well, as I was saying, Mafuyu's birthday's coming soon......"

Another blow. Just as I had expected.

"Unbelievable! You shouldn't be approaching me for that if there's even an ounce of sensitivity in you!"

"Eh?  But......  I  mean,  I  do  know  Chiaki's  preferences  are  vastly different  from  Mafuyu's,  but  I  have  no  idea  who  else  I  can approach."

"That's not what I meant!"

The third blow. I was getting dizzy already. Chiaki gave a "hmmph" and began to tune the snare drum. I gave a sigh and plugged my bass  into  the  amplifiers.  What  was  going  on  here?  Did  I  say something to piss her off?

"Geez! Nao, stop thinking of all those pointless stuff and begin our practice! Time is precious, you know?"

"I get it......" Guess I'll leave the issue about the present for later. It was rare for Chiaki to come to school together with me early.

I placed the strap on my shoulder and gripped tightly the neck of the bass. The remnants of the heat from back then still lingered on the  strings.  I  could  even  feel  the  sweat  that  flowed  out  from  my fingertips before being absorbed by my palms.

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