Sunday, July 10, 2016

Sayonara Piano Sonata Volume 03


By pure chance, I stumbled upon the words that were carved onto the body of the guitar.

I  have  handled  Mafuyu's  Stratocaster  once  before,  but  I  didn't know  about  the  existence  of these  words  back  then.  That  was because  the  words  were  carved  on  the  inside  of  the  body, and would  not  be  revealed  unless  the  screws  were  loosened.

"I want to change the tone of my instrument too."

Mafuyu said that during one of our band practices. At that time, we were  already  done  with  our first  ever  live  performance,  and  our summer  holidays  were  coming to  an  end.  I  was  having an active discussion  with  Kagurazaka-senpai  about  the  topic  of  the  effect units  as  well  as  the timbres.  As  she listened to  our  conversation, Mafuyu prodded my back with the neck of her guitar, though I had no idea why she was putting on an unhappy expression on her face.

"......  So  you  want  to  modify  your  guitar?  Or  do  you  mean  you want to use an effects unit?"

"I don't really know these things. Just help me modify it, Naomi."

I  don't  quite  have  the  guts  to  modify  an  antique  guitar  that  is worth  three  million  yen,  but  I still  removed  the  back  cover  and took  a  look.  And  it's  then  that  I  saw  that located  in  a square  pit behind the pickup.

"Looks like there's something carved on it."

"...... Is that Russian?"

Chiaki asked as she stuck her face in to take a look. I see, it does look  like  the  Cyrillic  alphabet. Just  then,  Mafuyu  snatched  the guitar away from my hands.

"Y-You can't see that."

"Eh? W-What?"

"Cover it up! You don't have to care about what's inside!"

Why  is  she  so  flustered?  It's  not  like  I  understand  the  Cyrillic alphabet, yeah?

"Does  Mafuyu  know  about  the  words  inside  your  guitar?"  asked Chiaki.

"I-I don't know."

"Senpai  should know how  to  read  Russian,  right?  And you  should have read lots of books written by Russians too."

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