Saturday, July 2, 2016

Omae wo Onii-chan ni Shite Yarouka Volume 3

When the elevator's door opens, we enter the top floor.

I walk, my hand pulled by Uncle.

Straight towards the end of the path, to an outlook restaurant.

Lined-up in the glass showcase are chocolate parfaits, pudding parfaits, fried shrimps and omelets, hamburgers with plenty of sauce.

Since today is a special day, I'm told I can eat anything.

I say I want to eat everything, and Uncle kindly laughs.

"Then, a children's lunch."

The fried shrimp, hamburger and omelet were lined up on a single dish. Pudding parfait for the desert. All of it my favourites and they are delicious.

After filling my tummy with the feast, I watch the outside while drinking cream soda and suddenly think

Eh? What special day was it again?

As I put on a puzzled expression, Uncle says something.

But distracted by the scene outside, I can't hear well.

"...chan. Onii-chan. If you don't wake up I'll die. I'll be cornered by despair, die and disappear. Please, don't allow this body to rot away in grief."

I woke up having my body shaken.

In the corner of the comfortable bed that felt like a cloud, I was completely asleep curled up in foetal position.

When I opened my eyes, a black-haired girl was peering into my face.

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