Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Lillia and Treize VI - My Prince (Part 2)

Chapter 6: We are not Murderers

The sun had traveled more than halfway across the sky. Work on separating the cars continued.

The engineer and the driver separated the train between the first class passenger car and the dining car. The two middle-aged railroad workers had no idea about the earlier commotion because they had been busy running the train from the locomotive.

They exchanged shocked glances when they heard the news, but they followed Cohen’s directions and got to work, confused.

First, they peeled off the connecting cover around the coupling and pulled back the footboard. Then they separated the electric cables and the pneumatic tubes. Finally, they unscrewed the connector and unhooked the ring.

In the meantime, Major Travas’s team was standing warily on the tracks. The passengers, forbidden to leave the cars, remained inside.

Once the train was divided,
“Finished. Now we can continue.”

“Excellent. Keep your radio turned on; we’ll contact you if we need anything.”
The engineer and the driver spoke with Cohen for a moment before returning to the locomotive.

Major Travas personally checked that the trains had been separated and turned to Cohen.

“I’d like for you to remain on the other train. Thank you for your
cooperation, Mr. Cohen. We’ll contact you by radio.”

Cohen made no attempt to hide his anger.
“This is outrageous! I don’t care who you are or what you’re doing—this is unacceptable!”

Major Travas simply replied,

“We don’t care.”
In the second class passenger car, filled with partitioned seats.

“Hey, it looks like they’re gone.” The soldier, who had been leaning out the window, reported. The three-car train in his sights slowly departed.

Most of the train’s passengers were gathered in this car.

They weren’t particularly obligated to, but the passengers seemed to be in silent agreement that they would stay away from the second class sleeper cars.

They had left their suitcases and trunks in the cabins, and were sitting in the uncomfortable seats. In a corner sat two waiters and a cook, all three of them with nothing to do.

Only the stern old man and his secretary remained stubbornly in their cabin, two cars ahead.

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