Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Lillia and Treize V - My Prince (Part 1)


The beginning of the year 3304 of the World Calendar. A home in a certain valley in Ikstova (the Kingdom of Iks).

“Anyway, Treize, it looks like you’ve made it safely to your 15th birthday.
Congrats. On that note, Her Majesty the Queen shall grace you with her voice. Are your ears ready? Is your heart ready?”

“Huh? What the heck, Father? —What is it, Mother? …Oh, she might not hear us ‘cause she’s in the kitchen.”

“Hey, get serious. The queen’s going to speak to you.”
“I don’t think you’re in any position to be saying that, Father. Lounging in front of the fireplace, munching on an apple.”

“You know what? What the heck. Fi! Treize is listening!”
“One minute! Let me just finish wiping this plate!”

“Thank you.”
“I should be asking you to get serious, Father. And is this really the best time? Meriel’s not here.”

“It’s fine. Actually, we wanted to tell you when she wasn’t around.”

“Sorry to keep you waiting. Here, I brewed some tea. With lots of jam.”
“Thanks, Fi.”

“Thank you, Mother. What did you want to talk about? If it’s an increased allowance, I have no arguments.”

“We can talk about that later. There was something I wanted to speak with you about when you turned 15.”


“You know about Princess Matilda of Bezel, right?”
“I’ve heard about her. She’s in line to the Bezelese throne, right? About three years older than me?”

“That’s right. She’s the king’s only child and heir.”

“C’mon, at least act a little impressed. She’s going to be Sou Be-Il’s head of state someday. Sovereign over a land of 300 million people.”

“You shouldn’t expect me to understand that scale when I’ve never lived in Sou Be-Il like you, Father.”

“I suppose you’re right. Please continue, Fi.”

“Anyway, Princess Matilda—I mean, the royal family of Bezel—sent me—I mean, the royal family of Ikstova—a proposition.”

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