Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Lillia and Treize IV - The Longest Day in Ikstova (Part 2)

Chapter 5: The Treasure of Ikstova

“What is the Treasure of Ikstova?” Asked Laurie.

“Pardon?” Fiona asked, her eyes widening. Laurie snorted.

“So you’ve got the gall to play dumb, eh?”

Fiona looked at Benedict—first with just her eyes, then by turning. He sat about 2 meters away with his wrists taped. But when their eyes met, Benedict tilted his head.

Fiona turned back to Laurie.

“The Treasure of Ikstova? …There’s a lot in this country I could call a treasure—its beautiful landscape, its kind people, and its cutting-edge technology—so I’m not certain what precisely you mean.” Fiona replied, only half-joking.

“Heh. Not bad.”
Laurie laughed. Then she looked down at Fiona with a smile.

“You think I know nothing? Let me explain for you, Queen Francesca. I want to know about the treasure passed down the line of Ikstova’s kings and queens. The treasure that you’ve been keeping for the past 400 years. It must be something incredible if the royal family adhered to the unnatural
policy of producing only a single heir to the throne to prevent in-fighting for the treasure, even risking the end of the royal line.”

Fiona said nothing. Benedict’s eyes widened as he stared at his confused wife. Laurie continued.

“We will be taking the treasure.”
Fiona was silent.

“Cat got your tongue, Queen Francesca?”
“What? …Yes, that is alarming.”

“Of course.” Laurie grinned triumphantly. “Let’s make this quick. Tell me everything you know about the treasure.”

Laurie reached over and turned off the tape recorder. Then, she switched out the cassette—which wasn’t yet finished—for a new one. She started recording again.

“Year 3306 of the World Calendar. The royal family’s villa. The answer to the 400-year mystery, from the mouth of the queen. Everything about the Treasure of Ikstova.”

Laurie condescendingly recorded the title.
“If you will, Your Majesty.”

Fiona still said nothing. For three seconds she wondered what to do. Laurie smirked as she watched.
“Er… well…”

Fiona finally managed to open her mouth, but she trailed off.

“We have come this far. Perhaps you should tell the truth about the treasure at least?” Said Benedict.

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