Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Lillia and Treize III - The Longest Day in Ikstova (Part 1)

Chapter 1: The Things That Led Up to That Day

Dear Treize,

Are you well? I am. End.

That made for a very short letter, so I will write a little more. My relaxing summer vacation has ended and a new term has begun. I am attending secondary school as usual. I sent Carlo a letter not long ago, but he has not replied. Did you by any chance say something to him before we parted ways?

Lillia Schultz

* * *

Dear Miss Lillianne Aikashia Corazòn Whittington Schultz,

It has been a while. This is Treize.
I am well, but I cannot say the same for my poor motorcycle—I drove it to death and the engine finally gave out.

As I already wrote in my previous letter, I owe you so much for what happened this summer. Please convey my thanks to Allison as well.

About Carlo: he might not know how to read and write yet, so give him some time to send you a reply.

Autumn is almost over in Ikstova now. The photo on this postcard was taken by my mother and printed in the village photo studio.

Treize of Ikstova

* * *

Dear Treize,

Wow! That’s a great picture! Is your mother a professional? I asked Mom, but she wouldn’t tell me.Here’s a Capital District postcard in return—a picture of the bustling city. Don’t you miss it?

Lillia (who has midterms coming up and shouldn’t actually have time for this stuff)

* * *

Dear Miss Lillia Schultz,

I love you! I love you very much!
I’m sorry for the sudden nature of this letter.
But I could not hold myself back any longer.
I’ve rewritten this message so many times that the letter is going nowhere; so I am being very brief.
Any response is fine by me, so please reply soon.
I am prepared to accept even a rejection.

Archer Bernardo, third-year.

P.S. We took history class together last year! Do you remember me?

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