Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Lillia and Treize II - And so the Two Left on a Trip (Part 2)

Chapter 6: Wings of Death

The seaplane was flying over the Kurz Sea.

Its hard streamlined fuselage, the wide wings over it, the four engines lined up on the wings, and the propellers drawing clear circles in the air—much like a waterborne vessel, everything under the water line was painted black.

The engines sang a four-part harmony, leisurely and elegantly—or, to be more cynical, slowly and heavily—pushing the plane through the air.

Three men sat in the cockpit. The two sitting side-by-side were the pilot and the co-pilot, with the pilot on the left side. Sitting sideways behind them, beside the engine control panel and the radio, was the engineer. He was the one who had led the children aboard earlier.

The men were all in their forties, wearing aviator jackets over their button-up shirts with ties, with hats and headsets on their heads. There were microphones strapped around their necks.

The bearded man in the pilot’s seat spoke over the radio to his companions.

<Things are going smoothly. For now.>
The other men replied.

<For now.>
<Yes, for the time being.>

The pilot glanced at the clock, crowded amidst the instruments, and muttered amusedly.
<Not much longer now. Soon, we’ll be filthy rich.>

Somewhere above and behind the seaplane.
Four fighter planes were flying in the seaplane’s blind spot.

They were amphibious planes equipped with floats; the same model flown by the man who shot Mateo the previous day, and the ones that riddled Mateo’s plane with bullets.

The planes flew in diagonal formation, maintaining the same speed as the seaplane as they followed.

Inside the seaplane, the children clung to the windows as the dampened roar of the engines filled the cabin. They stared outside, ever-captivated by the water below and the ripples of sunlight.

And in the very last row, Lillia slept.
Carlo, sitting across from her, twirled his hat around his finger and whispered,

“Big sis is totally knocked out. Too bad.”

“She’s just tired. Leave her be.” Treize replied. He also seemed completely uninterested in the view, keeping the curtain shut and staring a hole through the seat ahead of him, deep in thought.

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