Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Ame no Hi no Iris


Here are the remains of a scrapped robot.

Its left arm has been torn away with its left shoulder. The remaining right arm bends in an unnatural direction. The lower body, having been torn off, is missing. From its stomach, tubes and organ-like parts spill out messily.

At first glance, this robot seems no more than a piece of scrap. But once upon a time, it led a happy life, serving a family and being loved by its master.

HRM021-α, its registered name is Iris Rain Umbrella.

Based on the data in the mental circuits of HRM021-α, the following record was reconstructed by Ralph Ciel, of the First Robotics Laboratory, Oval University.

Chapter 1 – Dismantling

"Take care on the road! Come home earlier!" (Iris Rain Umbrella)

Seven Days Before

At the center of the Venus Fountain Plaza, there stands the statue of a stunning goddess.

She has slim limbs, skin as white as silk, and a great figure. Today,
the goddess still wears a gentle smile on her face, silently observing
the surrounding crowd.

Oval City had once burned in the flames of war. When most of the town was burnt to the ground, only the goddess statue miraculously survived without so much as a scratch. From that day on, the statue of the goddess became a symbol of hope and revival, and has been protected as the most important cultural asset of our country.

Beside the 170 centimeter tall goddess statue, the fountain is blooming flowers of water, in rainbow colors. On the dark tea-colored benches that were placed around the fountain, old men chat with each
other, children play around, and lovers proclaim their love for each other. The harmonious scene looks like it came from a painting.
—it's indeed similar.

I hear a squeaking sound start, and I adjust the pupil function of my visual system. After focusing on the white goddess statue, I sigh lightly.

The goddess statue looks like Professor. Professor is the top researcher of robots, Doctor Wendy von Umbrella, Ph. D. I'm proud of her: she has a tall figure, beautiful, luscious, black hair, and wears
glasses with a sleek, silver frame that suit her very much.

While thinking of Professor's shapely form, I stare blankly at the goddess statue when the sweet sour smell of circlet cigarette floated over. I start to turn the angle of my neck, confirming the source of the fragrance.

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