Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Zero no Tsukaima Volume 18

Chapter 1 – Lovers 

Location: Capital of Gallia, Lutetia, in the courtyard of the palace of Versailles located in the suburbs of the capital, in a camp where a huge amount of tents were erected.

Inside one of these tents, in a small canvas tent with dark blue peak and three supports, was where Saito and Louise were kissing.

Saito, only some few hours ago, had been miraculously rescued by the timely intervention of Louise in his battle against Jack, one of the ’Elemental Siblings’, and now he was lost in a dream as his lips lay next to her, while strongly embracing her sweet little body.

After several weeks of not seeing her, it was expected that the love that radiates from them were to overflow uncontrollably. Yet no matter how strong it is, Louise’s frustration hadn't been dissipated.

In silence, while still wearing the habit that she always wore during her stay in Saint Margarita, Louise offered no resistance as Saito carried her in his arms.

Then without thinking, Saito stretched his hand to reach the small chest of Louise, in doing so, Louise waved his hand gently in response.

“Sorry... for not treating you well, sorry for being so selfish.“ After restraining, Saito cleared his mind and finally released her little body.

Apparently the issue on which Louise looked on, the scene of Saito and Henrietta kissing, had finally disappeared. Although it seemed that Louise was willing to forgive him, it was clear that trying to ignore the issue as it never happened was a bad idea.

Louise then just stared at Saito with those beautiful reddish brown eyes, a little embarrassed by what she was doing, thinking her body was little.

However, looking at those deep eyes, one could not see any anger or reproach.

After watching for a few moments, Louise glanced toward the habit she worn for so long, it had remained in her body from the moment she decided to escape from the convent of Saint Margarita.

Because that was all she had worn throughout her journey and even in her battle against Jack, it was expected that it was already quite dirty.

Then Louise gave a little sigh. "Hauu" then resolutely said:  “I would like to take a walk.”

At the moment they left the tent, they saw the light of the two moons shining in the sky.

The courtyard of the palace of Versailles that Louise and Saito left was dimly lit because of the various campfires burning in that place. The courtyard is flooded with tents as small as that of Saito’s but these could contain up to 10 people. All the guests that were staying here are from various nations whose status was noble or little renown soldiers.

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