Sunday, June 5, 2016

Utsuro no Hako to Zero no Maria Volume 07

Will this, too, become a moment that I will only be able to remember in my dreams?

“Are you ready?”

My opponent, O, stands before me in the apartment that Maria had once occupied. I glare at
her, and my mind starts to wander.

I’m confronting a beauty possessing a horrifying charm; she has long hair redolent of Maria’s, the
slender arms and legs of a top model, and a delicate face with a glued-on smile. Yes… “glued-on” is just the way to put it: her smile is so perfect that it resembles that of a masterfully crafted doll.

It’s an uncanny smile that arouses a primal fear.

Until now, O’s face kept slipping my memory when I woke up. This will stop now.

O no longer remains the mysterious being she once was, because I learned that she was created via
Maria’s box, the Flawed Bliss. If Maria’s box is the cause of my amnesia, then I should be able to
withstand it with the aid of my Empty Box.

Yes! Focus on her, Kazuki!
—O (Aya Otonashi)

She is your enemy.
It’s all right.

My thoughts are back to normal now that I’ve affi rmed that she ’s my enemy. I smell scented oil
everywhere. The fragrance of peppermint serves as a powerful reminder of my goals.

—I will bring Maria back.
—I will make her a part of my everyday life.
—I will meet the Zeroth Maria, the girl who was still ignorant of boxes.

I will go to any length for the sake of my goals. I’ve already sacrific ed one of my friends. If I had to kill every single human being on this planet, I would do so without a second thought. Quite literally.

I’m dead serious.
I take a deep breath and glare at O.

“Are you ready?” she asks with an uncanny and all-too-perfect smile. “To say goodbye to this world?”

I scrunch up my face as tightly as possible.
“Why would I want to do that?”

It’s an undeniable truth that boxes have wreaked havoc upon my most valuable treasure, my everyday

Yuuri Yanagi will continue to suffer from the guilt of committing murder.
Iroha Shindou’s personality and the false miracle she believed in were both crushed.

Koudai Kamiuchi was killed.
Ryuu Miyazaki killed his parents and was thrown in jail.

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