Sunday, June 5, 2016

Utsuro no Hako to Zero no Maria Volume 05

I was never supposed to encounter ‘O’. I’m a completely ordinary person who can’t even fulfill
his own wishes, let alone someone else’s.

The supernatural being before me is only interested in Kazu. In his (or her) eyes, I’m just a human who’s close to Kazu. I was only able to obtain this power because he (she) is trying to interfere with Kazu by infl uencing his environment.

Clinging to the ‘box’ I received so arbitrarily, I’m like a beggar frantically rifl ing through a garbage
bin, desperate to fi nd just enough food to get by.

Even so, I’ve decided to rely on this ‘box’.
‘O’ watches me with a charming smile on his (her) face.

“‘O’, there’s something that I fail to understand. I admit that Kazu is someone special. I also get why
you would want to observe him. I just don’t get why a superior being would care so much about a single human.”

“What makes you wonder?”
“Well, I think your actions are strange for a being of such power. Simply by singling Kazu out, tailing
him, revealing your intentions, you’re lowering yourself to the level of a mere human.”

“Is there a problem with that? Worship is of no consequence to me, so I’m fi ne with interac ting
with Kazuki-kun this way. First off, just by appearing before you and conversing like this, I
inevitably lose some of my distance from humanity.”

“What do you mean?”

“If I wanted to remain transcendental, I could easily display my power without saying a single
word. After all, the mere act of making my reasons and intentions clear renders me less remote. Every word I speak brings me closer to the normal world.”

After giving me this explanation, ‘O’ asks me softly: “I wonder: do you wish I were supernatural?
Perhaps you fear that your ‘box’ might lose its powers if the nature of the entity that grants your
wish turns out to be such a cheap trick? If so, I’m sorry that I’m not what you’re looking for.”

“Then what are you? If you’re not a god, what else could you be?”

With no hesitation whatsoever, ‘O’ tells me what he (she) is: “A direction called ‘O’.”

I fail to comprehend his (her) straightforward answer.
“A direction? What are you talking about?”

“You’ve only come in contact with a small part of my entire being. ‘O’ refers to a fraction of the giant
entity that ‘I’ am.”

Hearing about an ‘O’ who’s not ‘O’ all of a sudden leaves me bewildered.

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