Sunday, June 5, 2016

Utsuro no Hako to Zero no Maria Volume 01

It’s not like I’ve completely forgotten about it. I probably still remember this place, and I even
dream of its scenery, just as I’m doing now.

I can only remember this place in my dreams.

Right—it’s not like I’ve forgotten about it. I just can’t find any cues to help me retrieve these
memories. Nothing could possibly trigger my memories of this scene. There’s simply nothing in
the real world that resembles it at all. If I tried, I could certainly remember it, but I lack the
opportunity to do so.

Nothing from my everyday life could possibly remind me of the person before me.

“Do you have a wish?”

The face of the person who calmly asked me that question, was continuously morphing into new and
different faces. My dream was generated by my own subconscious, but somehow, I couldn’t grasp the
features of his (or her) face. I saw it, of course—at least, I believe I did. It’s just that he (she) somehow resembled everyone and no one at the same time.

Back then, I guess I gave a passive, harmless answer to his (or her) question, though I don’t
remember my precise response. Anyhow, when he (she) heard my answer, I was presented with a
container of some kind.

“This is a box that grants any wish.”

It did look like a box, now that he (she) mentioned it.

I squinted at the box. My vision wasn’t bad, but I still couldn’t see it clearly. There was nothing in the
box, yet it exuded a strange feeling. It was like holding a closed cookie box that made a rattling
sound when you shook it, but was empty once you opened it.

I think I asked him (or her) something trivial at that point, along the lines of ‘Why are you giving
this to me?’

“Because you’re truly interesting! I can’t distinguish one human from another human, even
though I’m fascinated by humanity. Ironic, don’t you think?”

I didn’t really understand what he (she) was trying to say, but I nodded halfheartedly

“But you’re an exception—I can distinguish you from the rest of humanity. You might think that
this is nothing special, but it’s more than enough to capture my interest!”

I looked inside the box. Even though the box was empty, I felt as if I were being attacked by an
unpleasant sensation and my entire body were being drawn toward the bottom of the box. I quickly
looked away.

“This box will grant any wish. I don’t care what you wish for—I won’t stop you even if your wish
destroys all of mankind. I’m just interested in what you, or your species, choose to wish for.”

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