Sunday, June 5, 2016

Utsuro no Hako to Zero no Maria Volume 03

I’m in a scene that I can only remember in my dreams.
I wonder how many times I have met him (or her) already. ...I suppose it doesn’t matter.

As always, ‘O’ was saying something bizarre, so I pretty much just ignore him (or her).
However, a single remark reverberates in my ears.

“Daiya Oomine-kun is your enemy.”
The fi rst time I saw his silver hair, I thought, “Aah, our paths will never cross.”

I’m sure most of my other classmates got the same impression. Daiya Oomine rejected the company of others with every fiber of his being. I thought that he only assumed that oppressive attitude and rock-n-roll style to distance himself from other people.

But we got along well. Sure, Haruaki helped serve as a bridge, but that alone would never have been enough.

«Umm, you’re... Kazuki Hoshino, right? I can’t say why, but you’re kinda weird!»
This was the fi rst thing he ever said to me.

But I believed that we were friends; after all, he always seemed happy when talking to me.

Even so, he still went there: It’s lunchtime, and midterms are about to start tomorrow; Daiya sits down casually next to Maria and says, “You’ve dealt with ‘O’, haven’t you?”

I’m too stunned to reply, so Maria answers on my behalf. “.....Oomine, did you obtain a ‘box’?”
“What kind of rhetorical question is that? Of course I did. In the fi rst plac e, I am now talking to Kazu. Be quiet, you annoying guardian.”

Maria sighs forcefully, and then looks at me, as if to suggest that she’d leave it to me.
But what should I say...?

Ignoring my silence, Daiya starts speaking.

“It always seemed odd to me. Otonashi’s appearance, your confession to Kokone and several other cases as well.”

Daiya touches the piercing in his right ear.

“These doubts were resolved when I met ‘O’. When I met him—right at that moment, I realized that he, who cannot be described as anything other than bizarre, was the reason for all those strange incidents recently. And then he told me that he was interested in Kazuki Hoshino.”

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