Sunday, June 5, 2016

Utsuro no Hako to Zero no Maria Volume 06

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Maria Otonashi’s elder sister, Aya Otonashi, is dead. That’s what the records say, at any rate.

I discovered this before the events of the ‘Game of Idleness’. I had been doing some digging into Maria Otonashi’s background, hoping to improve my control over my ‘box’.

Maria Otonashi.

She is the second daughter of a high-ranking executive who worked for a large fi nanc e fi rm. The
house she lived in with her family—her father Michishige, her mother Yukari, and her sister Aya—was part of a wealthy neighborhood in the Hyougo prefecture. The age difference between her parents was rather great; when Maria was fourteen years old, her father was already in his sixties, while her mother was just thirty-fiv e. On top of that, Maria’s mother was Michishige’s third wife.

Clearly, Maria’s family situation was rather…complicated. This held equally true for Maria’s relationship with her sister Aya. Aya’s birth mother was Michishige’s previous wife. In addition, Aya was only three months older than Maria, and thus they were both in the same grade.

In order to avoid drawing attention to this state of affairs, Michishige sent them to different elementary and junior high schools.

According to my sources, the two girls were polar opposites.

Aya, the elder sister, really stood out. She was extremely bright, athletic, and popular to boot. No one
was surprised when she took on prominent positions like president of the student council; every student knew her name.

Her little sister Maria, on the other hand, was quiet and reserved. Apparently, her failure to stand up for herself led to a lot of teasing while she was in elementary school. That might have been why she
frequently complained of headaches or stomachaches, which allowed her to stay at home or seclude herself in the infirmary and avoid her classes. Needless to say, her grades left much to be desired.

However, the true problem student was not Maria, who wouldn’t open up to anyone and was frequently absent, but Aya, the seemingly superb student.

Sometimes, an overly gifted student can be a source of trouble, especially if she’s fully aware of her gifts, and displays them unabashedly.

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