Monday, June 13, 2016

Tsuki Tsuki Volume 8


The morning sun leaking through a gap of the curtain illuminated her radiant white skin.

Two breasts so well-formed that it made you believe they were pieces of art. On their peek they were coloured in a light pink and by shifting my gaze downwards, her slim waist and soft tights came into vision.

Amidst the morning light, she— Kaorun was for some reason, laying in my bed, exposing her bewitching naked body. As soon as I woke up, I was in a light panic.

…J- Just what was up with this situation? How did it come to this?

Just as I was perfectly bewildered, Kaorun reddened her cheeks in shame. However, she didn’t cover her seductive body. She straightened up her upper body with her beautiful breasts bouncing and clung to me just like that, whereupon she released a sweet voice near my ear.

“…Please make sure to take responsibility, Shinobu-sama <3”
Ehm, could this actually be a dream?

While I had such hopeful thoughts, I suddenly could hear the faint sound of footsteps outside my room. The footsteps gradually approached in my direction… and along with a cold sweat, I felt my blood draining out of my head.

Chapter 01: End of Seduction… 

The glamorous hair, reaching as far as to the waist, reflected the evening sun coming in from the window of the Dojo and emitted an ebony radiance. Watching me with her dignified eyes, Gogyou Hijiri rested on her knees and then bending over, she closed the distance between us.

Her graceful features slowly came closer, her long hair slipped over her shoulders and her sweet fragrance tickled my nasal cavities. As her training uniform was overlapping at the front, so it gave a sneak peek into her cleavage and Hijiri extended the tips of her supple fingers towards me while opening her wet, pink lips.

“Fufu, Shinobu-kun. You got all stiff.”
“Ah, well, that’s, what can I say… Sorry.”

“You don’t really need to apologize. And don’t make such a worried face. I’ll properly take the lead, so let’s begin. Okay?”

Lightly combing the strands of hair over her ear, Hijiri gently suggested.

Even this casual behaviour made me be smitten by her and I replied to her with a somewhat shrill voice.

“W- Wait. I’m not mentally prepared yet. Give me a bit more time.”

“Mhm~ I can relate, but let’s do it already. It’s okay to fail, since it’s the first time. Whatever you do, I won’t get angry. And I won’t laugh if you screw up. I promise. So, let’s both give our best.”

“…Yeah, okay. Thanks.”

I took a deep breath. While I tried to calm down my feelings a bit, Hijiri suddenly moved her fingertip, which she was touching me with. She softly petted the stiff part of my body with the back of her fingers and giggled.

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