Monday, June 13, 2016

Tsuki Tsuki Volume 6


“Hey, what do you mean by devil?”

Along with her words, my classmate Minami approached with a serious expression.
I didn’t know how to answer her question and kept my mouth shut in confusion.

To be honest, both me and Hijiri had been careless. I had never imagined that I would met Minami here.

—A park on an early morning during summer vacation that I came to yawning to tag along with Nazuna and Elni’s radio exercise. There we met Gogyou Hijiri by chance and I had asked her casually.

If she would come to the seaside school next week.
Upon that question, Hijiri had answered that she would participate since she had a job request there.

Apparently, there was a possibility of a devil hiding at the place where the seaside school was held, so there happened to be a request for an inquiry for the exorcist Hijiri.

Hijiri trusted me, so she had told me about her job. But usually, Hijiri kept her job a secret. So when she realized that Minami overheard her talk about her job, she was shaken without doubt. Hijiri was looking at Minami with a stiff expression.

Not paying any mind to Hijiri’s behaviour, Minami took even one more step closer.
“What’s this request for an inquiry about?”

Before I could say anything to cover it up,

“About a game!”
Elni, whenever she had come back, raised her voice with a smile.

“There is an event like that in a game we’re obsessed with right now.
The request for an inquiry means a quest we got from the guild.”

Most likely Elni had heard our conversation. Making a follow up, she started to talk about a fictional game with gestures, which sadly didn’t seem to be effective. At the beginning Minami was surprised at the sudden appearance of Elni, but now she was in a state of half-believing, half-doubting.

“…Was it really from a game?”
“Y- Yeah, that’s right.”

“Then what’s the title of the game?”
“Eh? Th- The title? It’s, ehm…’Near Mad Dog Armageddon’?”

When Elni rolled her eyes, Minami doubtful tilted her head.
“I never heard of a game with such a title….?”

“Wh- What a coincidence! Actually, I never heard of it either!

Elni laughed and said quibbling. But there was no way she could hush it up with that and Minami gave Elni a doubtful look.

At that moment,
“Geez, El-chan, don’t kid around so much. The title of the game is…”

To help Elni, Nazuna added and then gave the title of a game that I had heard of while smiling at Minami.

—Nazuna was aware of Hijiri’s job.

Because previously, when Machina tried to kidnap Nazuna, Hijiri had shown her power as an exorcist.

At that time Nazuna hadn’t had minded that Luna and Machina were devils, nor had she been scared of Hijiri. However, not everyone was the same. There might be people, who are scared of devils or exorcists.

Nazuna probably understood that.

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