Monday, June 13, 2016

Tsuki Tsuki Volume 5


“Now then, Nanjou-sama, let us proceed together—to our Paradise Lost!”

It was summer vacation after the troublesome end of term tests had ended. The maid, who had come in through my window, firmly grabbed my hand and relaxed the corners of her mouth.

This maid, Kaorun was somehow in a good mood, but I said wearily.
“Paradise Lost… Where do you plan to do?”

“Anywhere is fine as long as it is with you, Nanjou-sama.”
“…For real?”

“Yes, for real in it’s literal meaning. As long as it is together with you, Nanjou-sama, I will follow through fire, water or even inside the Miss’ bed.”

“And even to jail?”

“Wh- Why a jail? At this point you were supposed to make a remark about my mentioning of the Miss’ bed. Besides, you may seem to be motivated to do something, but a jail is certainly a place I cannot follow you to.”

After saying rude things so nonchalant, Kaorun laughed faintly and continued with a “That is because”.

“I will push all the fault on Nanjou-sama and escape overseas myself.”
“…I see. Seems I have to do it before I get done.”

“D- Do me before you get done…Nanjou-sama, you pervert!”

“Hey, don’t get weird ideas. Stop blushing and take away your hands from your clothes. What are you doing…”

“No, I believed it would please you…”
While saying so, Kaorun unbutton around her chest and smiled sexily.

“Nanjou-sama, I would not mind to show you when you come along with me.”

“Does your indifference not know any bounds?”
Kaorun made a slightly hurt face.

Sure enough, Kaorun’s behaviour got to me.
But she was just teasing me anyway. So I didn’t step into the trap. Upon that,

“P- Please wait, Nanjou-sama!”

Kaorun clung to me with a flustered voice. Then two soft breasts pressed onto my back and she said somewhat spoiled.

“…I have nowhere to go. Just for a short while will be sufficient, but please let me take shelter in your house. If you agree now, I will let Miss Cow-woman have the position of Maid #1. But please let me stay here at least as Maid #2.”

“No, the maid stuff aside for now, you ran away from Hijiri’s house, right? They’ll easily track you down if you stay here.”

While feeling the indescribable elasticity of her breasts on my back, I remembered Kaorun’s words.

—When I skimmed through my summer homework, Kaorun suddenly appeared with a travel bag. She was coerced by her Master Gogyou-san, Hijiri’s father, to do things she dislikes, so she ran away.

As a bad timing, Hijiri was away on a training camp with the Kendo club, so she had only me to rely on. That was what Kaorun said.

…By the way, Hijiri was my classmate and actually my fiancée.
Though I say fiancée, it’s only a formality and nothing official.

But due to certain circumstances, Hijiri wants to seduce me and previously threatened me with “If you don’t call me Hijiri, I’ll kiss you”, so I now called her by her name.

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