Monday, June 13, 2016

Tsuki Tsuki Volume 4


“—It’s farewell.”
A sad smiling profile. A lightly trembling voice. Two clenched fists.

Gogyou-san made a fickle expression like she were to disappear any moment.
That expression painfully told me that these words of parting were no joke.

The girls in the living room made such a ruckus that they didn’t notice any of that.
“…That came sudden.”

I couldn’t find the right words. Just, my chest was suffocating me.
“Sorry. I should have told you earlier. But I couldn’t bring it up…”

“…Will we really not see again?”
I confirmed with somewhat lingering feelings, but Gogyou-san nodded while still smiling sadly.

“After the culture festival it’ll be farewell.”
“…I see.”

I didn’t say anything more and shut my mouth.
Gogyou-san was so close, yet seemed so distant…

Chapter 01: The fiancĂ©e is a classmate!? 

Besides me, silver twin tails swinging around.

The name of the girl, who was walking besides me and stuffing her cheeks with a taiyaki I bought her while she hummed, was Elni.

Crimson eyes and shining silver hair. Her finely chiselled features like a doll surely fascinated you. It was also pretty charming how she was happily eating her taiyaki.

Though that was only in appearance.

Elni was a somewhat sorry girl that claimed herself to be a Goddess. For me, she was a perfect beauty as long as she stayed silent.

Due to some circumstances this Elni was currently freeloading at my house and recently there had been a lot of occasions where we went out together like this.

That was fun in itself…but there was just one problem.

Right now there were staying Luna, the first freeloader, Machina, Luna’s little stepsister, and Elni at my house, but I hadn’t told my mother, who was on a trip, about Machina and Elni.

If my mother knew that I had allowed two new girls to live here while she was away, she would surely get angry. She would be like Asura…

I had to tell her as soon as possible. Pondering like that, I made a regretful expression and entered the house together with Elni, who finished the rest of her taiyaki.

Upon that, my little sister Nazuna showed up from the living room.

When she saw us, she ran over to us with a smile and with a “Meow!” she hugged onto me just like that.

“Welcome home! Brother, El-chan.”

Nazuna showed a kitten-like expression and I petted her head like always, whereupon she narrowed her eyes pleased and nestled her face against my chest.

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