Monday, June 13, 2016

Tsuki Tsuki Volume 3


Just how did it turn out like this?
While watching at the ceiling of the bath, I mentally titled my head.

If I were to face right, a red-haired beauty. If I were to face left, a silver-haired beauty.

I was in the bath, pinched by those two beauties. Though covered in a towel., from the right two voluminous breasts and from the left two smaller, but incredible soft breasts were pressing against my respective arms.

What’s more, both beauties said “It sure is cramped” and “Close ranks” and started to press against me from both sides. Their finely chiselled features draw closer and their breath tickled both my ears.

This wasn’t good.

In my head echoed a sound of my reasoning crumbling away and I clenched my head with both my arms….

Chapter 01: Homeless Girl Elni 

“Ah, no, not there….”

Along with the sound of rain from the outside, an erotic voice resounded into my room.
“Yah, no… Not fair….”

I inadvertently increased the grip on the sharp-pen in my hand and looked up from my desk.

With such a seductive voice coming from behind me, I couldn’t concentrate on my homework. I sighed and turned around, facing the origin of the voice.

What I saw first were dangling beautiful legs. Red hair till the waist.
And white panties peeking out from a short skirt.

….I didn’t mind that she was playing a game on my bed, but she was too defenceless in that. Laying face-down on my bed while resting her chin on the pillow and playing the portable game console she borrowed from my little sister Nazuna, she didn’t pay any attention to her body-posture.

Every time she dangled her legs, I could see her panties from her round hipline.

On top of that her erotic voice moaned “A- Ahn…”. I averted my gaze from the panties and opened my mouth.

“Machina, can’t you pipe it down a bit?”

I called out to the red-haired girl—Machina Liebelei Orangelo, when she straightened up her body in response.

At that moment her long, red hair swayed and her amber almond eyes, her prudent features and her perfect proportions came into vision.

Machina, who looked at me with her appearance that resembled a queen, was the stepsister of our freeloading blonde beauty Luna and also a hybrid devil.

Ever since we met, she had been angry with me for summoning her older sister Luna to the human world and tried to make me her slave—-

As a result, a little strife occurred.
I was injured during that strife and hospitalized for a little while, but reconciled with Machina.

After I was released from the hospital, I invited Machina to live with us and she accepted, but…. for some reason Machina was always coming to my room to hang out, read manga or play games. Then she would fall asleep just like that.

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