Monday, June 13, 2016

Tsuki Tsuki Volume 2


All these close by let out an “Ohh” in admiration.

At the teacher’s desk stood a transfer student. Her elegant appearance surely captured the hearts of the boys in class.

Apparently she was a foreigner, had long red hair, amber eyes with a strong gaze and finely chiselled features over her bridge. And also a well-proportioned and extraordinary figure that was noticeable even through her clothes. Her beautiful legs extending from her short skirt were covered by black knee-socks.

A beauty that made everyone turn to her.
Her sweet smile was so erotic, that I was captured by her for a moment.

But, this favourable impression was shattered by her next words.
“—You. Become my slave.”

No need to mention that the first impression of her was the worst.

Chapter 01: “Slave” has a wonderful ring to it 

I woke up by the bright sunlight shining through the curtains. I reached out my hand and looked at the alarm clock. I was right on time.


I was still sleepy, since I stayed up late last night. I stopped my alarm clock, which started ringing with a stupid mechanical sound. Saying “Good night” I put my head back on my pillow. When I was enjoying my doze, I suddenly heard a cautious knocking.

“Shinobu-san, it’s morning.”

A gentle voiced echoed from beyond the door. This beautiful voice surely reached my ears, but since I was still sleepy, I pretended not to have heard it.

Then the door opened with a creak after a “I’m coming in?”
confirmation and someone came into my room.

“Shinobu-san, it’s morning. Please wake up.”

A soft voice that soothed your heart. When I opened my eyes, an unrivalled beauty stood there. Shining blonde hair. Gentle eyes.

Glamorous pink lips. And melon-big breasts that wouldn’t let me have my peace.
The name of the blonde beauty, who looked at me with her head sticking into the room, was Luna. This might sound unbelievable, but actually she was a devil.

Back in my childhood I had said “I’ll protect you, a devil”, which she believed in and we reunited after seven years. After that a lot of stuff happened and now Luna is freeloading at my house.

When Luna first got here she had a hard time with machines, but now she completely got used to it and does all the cooking and laundry.

Luna, who gave off a snuggling aura, which was a mixture of warmth and kindness, of a neat big sister from her whole body, came to wake me up gently, in place of my little sister Nazuna. But
“I’m sleepy. One more hour.”

I covered my head with my blanket and enjoy going back to sleep.

“Uh- Uhm, if you sleep another hour, you’ll be late for school, you know?”
“Mhm~ You’re right. I don’t want to be late, so I might just as well skip school.”

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