Monday, June 13, 2016

Tsuki Tsuki Volume 12


“—The truth is, I cut all my ties with the Gogyou Household.”

An early afternoon during the winter vacation. The one, who entered my room with a travel bag while I was at the library, was a pretty woman— The maid of the Gogyou Household, Kaoru aka Kaorun.

She seemed to have gotten permission from my mother and said something weird like “From today on, I will live in this room. Your roommate.”, then she spoke out the earlier sentence, which made me a bit perplexed.

However, I faced Kaorun again, as I should hear out her circumstances first.

“You cut your ties with them… Just what happened? Is this one of your usual—” jokes? I wanted to continue like that, but the sudden ringing of a cell phone overruled my voice. By the way, it wasn’t my cell phone. While I stopped my words, Kaorun pulled a cell phone from the skirt of her maid uniform and nonchalantly talked big with a straight face.

“To illustrate it with the words of literature, my cell phone is writhing it’s body in agony and raising a lovely voice.”

“…Quite erotic. But don’t look down on literature.”

Indifferent to my weary retort, Kaorun pressed her cell phone against her ear to answer the call.

“You dare to call me here! What do you even want! Just to tell you, I never want to see your face that looks like a cockroach smashed by a slipper anymore! And your androgyny voice only sounds like the unpleasant noise of crushing a cockroach to me right now!”

As soon as she answered the call, she put on a affected tone and enumerated insults.

“You got that? Then never call me again… Eh? You are troubled? I do not care!
Do not concern yourself with me any further!”

Knitting her eyebrows displeased, Kaorun hung up animated. It was quite the snappy reply. A bit curious, I shifted my gaze to her cell phone.

“…Who was it?”

“A light masochists with the nickname of Shuu-kun. To my sorrow, you can also call him the eldest son of the Gogyou Household.”

“Or, your little brother.”

The eldest son of the Gogyou Household aka Shuu-kun. His full name was Gogyou Shuugo. The brother of my precious friend Gogyou Hijiri. Incidentally, it was my first time hearing about him being a light masochist, but I met him numerous times in the Dojo of the Gogyou Mansion, since I was receiving my exorcist training there.

“Anyway, that were some rather harsh words there. Did you two have a fight?”
“It is not something that petty. Shuu-kun and I are currently at war.”

“That sounds terrible. Don’t tell me… that’s the reason you’re here?”

Going with the mood, I spoke out what was on my mind, whereupon Kaorun unexpected nodded firmly and replied.

“For now, I left behind a letter saying ‘I cannot endure the sexual harassment from Shuu-kun every single night anymore. I shall take the liberty of cutting all ties with the Gogyou Household. Thank you for taking care of me so far. P.S.:

These books are the treasure that was hidden beneath Shuu-kun’s bed. Kaoru’ as a declaration of war along with perverted books themed around maids and older sisters. Then I left the house.”

“…Stop ruining the image of your brother.”
It was nice that she called him “Shuu-kun” now, instead of “Young Master”.

Their relationship surely had changed for the better. But she was too merciless in their quarrel.

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