Monday, June 13, 2016

Tsuki Tsuki Volume 1


…Wait a moment.
I woke up in the morning and was completely frozen.

I opened my eyes and besides me slept a girl soundly.
Shining blond, long hair.

Bright, white skin.
Long eye-lashes.

I wasn’t sure if it was because she naked, but her beautiful collarbone was intriguing.

Letting my glance go down from the collarbone, placed her big and soft-looking breasts into my vision.

Sleeping on her back created a fantastic valley between her breasts and below a guard against all ages named blanket was covering her, making a view impossible.

Every time she quietly breathed out through her half-open light pink lips, her voluptuous two breasts slightly shook..

When she moves with a “Nng” her breasts trembled.
A really great sight was right in front of my eyes, but….was this a dream?

To confirm it, I sat up and pinched my face, but it was really painful.
Basically, this wasn’t a dream.

As it seemed, the situation of me waking up besides a Blondie (with big breasts) I never saw before was not a dream.

Troubled, I desperately tried to recall memories from the last night, but I didn’t remember anything besides going to bed after doing my homework.

None at all.

But a Blondie was without doubt sleeping besides me….
And I wasn’t in a dream…

It was reality…
“W- What’s going on?”

A cold sweat ran down my cheek.

Chapter 01: Mad Dog and a Beautiful Blondie 

Their catchphrase was „Deliciousness that makes you hard“.
A wiener coloured with ketchup and mustard.

Gentle packed between wheaten bread with fresh salad decorated.
—–One Hotdog, 198yen.

I was on my way back from the Doujo.

Attracted by the majestic displayed hotdog, I bought one without hesitating, seeing as I was a bit hungry anyway.

For some reason the Girl at the counter blushed while she put the hotdog into a bag with the words „One deliciousness that makes you h-hard“.

Hearing the words „Thanks for your purchase“ behind me, I left the shop.

Putting the bag with the hotdog in the basket at the front of my bicycle I was about to drive back home, when I suddenly came to a realization.

That if I would take the hotdog home like this, my little sister Nazuna wouldn’t stay quiet about it.
I imagined Nazuna occupying the living room, absorbed in a game with cats in a fierce fight.

As it stood, today she had no club activities and was in a good mood, saying „Today I‘m a cat. Meow“.

I thought to myself that this wasn‘t just today, but she‘s always a cat, but I better kept that to myself.
The problem was what kind of reaction Nazuna would show when I came home with my hotdog.

I was sure Nazuno would definitely want that hotdog.
It was her after all.

Even if I didn‘t share it with her, I was sure she would say „You can at least give me a piece of the salad~“ with a sad expression on her face while crying in meows.

„….She‘s a real cry-baby.“

Mumbling that and letting out a sigh, I left the hotdog in my bicycle basket and went back to the store to buy one for Nazuna too.

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