Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Strawberry Panic Volume 2


With the Goddess Absent, Tender Tears Fall from the Little Nymphet

Pitter patter pitter patter…

Rain drizzled on the lush green forest of Maiden Park. It was the second week of June, a bit early for the rainy season.

Three famous all-girl schools sat atop the hill. Rain poured from the dark gray skies and soaked the whole area, acting as a precursor to the upcoming long monsoon.

Nagisa looked out from under the umbrella and sighed.


She covered her mouth, surprised at the loudness of her sigh. In St. Miator Girls Academy, it was taboo to sigh. She didn’t know whether this rule was simply good manners to prevent others from feeling uncomfortable or a superstition to avoid bad luck, but she kept making little mistakes like these at this prestigious all-girl school. Fortunately, her classmates were well-mannered and didn’t treat her coldly, but...

Nagisa tilted her head and thought, Oh no, I did it again!

From under her umbrella, all she could see was the thick, green forest that surrounded her. She was alone on the wet path.

Yeah ..
She wouldn’t chase me all this way
She’s not allowed to be with someone unimportant like me anyway

Nagisa detested her cowardice.
“Haaaah…” she sighed again.

She had become self-deprecating ever since she’d started attending this school. Before that, Nagisa had never cared about nor paid attention to what others thought of her. She had used to scratch her head and laugh, and her friends had envied her simplicity…she was simply immature.

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