Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Strawberry Panic Volume 1

Chapter 1

A Goddess Finds Delightful Prey in the Cherry-Colored Mist

All around them, cherry blossoms scattered to the ground. In  the  middle of a  cherry-colored mist, a larger figure and a smaller figure stood close together atop a hill, surrounded by thick, old cherry trees. Standing atop the gently rolling hill of bright green, the two figures looked like they were floating in a thin, cherry-colored cloud.

“The time has finally come to say goodbye, hasn’t it?”
“Oneesama, I…still…”

Fwooo.  A  gentle  breeze  blew.  It  scattered  the  cherry blossoms again.
Flutter flutter…

“I still want to stay with you, Oneesama.”

The  larger  figure  leaned  toward  the  smaller  figure  in admonishment. She gently pressed her finger to the other’s lips.

“You shouldn’t say things like that.”

The smaller figure—the younger girl—wiped at her tears with  a  handkerchief.  “Y-you’re  right…  I’m  sorry…”  She’d been crying so much the handkerchief was already soaked, but she didn’t care. In a daze, she rubbed her eyes with it.

The larger figure reached out her hand and softly, gently, halted the other girl’s hand.
Twitch. The smaller girl’s shoulders shook horribly.

“You shouldn’t rub your eyes so much,” the older girl said.

“You’re just as much of a crybaby as ever, aren’t you? Your eyes will  get  puffy.”  She  lovingly,  gently  traced  the  girl’s  eyelids with her finger.

The young girl shook so violently, she almost seemed to convulse.
Fwooo.  A  cherry-colored  cloud  enveloped  them  again.

A halo-like aura surrounded them—mostly white, but with a single, faint drop of peach.

The older girl gazed at the younger. The school uniform suited her well, which made it seem even more like the time for her to transform into a grown woman had arrived. She felt an intense longing. Ah, I can’t take it any more. She opened both arms wide and went to embrace the smaller figure,  but
suddenly she stopped herself. I shouldn’t. If I did…there would be regrets. I shouldn’t hold her any more. It’s time for us to say goodbye.

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