Saturday, June 18, 2016

Spice and Wolf Volume 07

Klass sat upon a flat rock by the road, just past a little hill.

Without anything to obstruct the view, he could see quite a ways in every direction, despite the hill not being particularly large.

Things looked the same in every direction, and although he had heard that the road continued all  the way to  the sea,  he couldn't see so much as a river.

Klass, just ten years and a bit more in the world, could not begin to conceive of what exactly the "sea" was.

But from what he had heard, it was not something that one could easily overlook while walking down the road, so it had to be a ways off still. He set the fat stick he was using as a walking staff down beside him and picked up a leather water skin.  He wetted his lips with just a bit of the bitter, leather-flavored water.  The breeze ruffled his brown hair, and he looked casually back over his shoulder.

The house that had kicked them out was long since out of sight. Klass felt more vindicated than lonely at the fact.

He didn't know exactly why he felt that way, but in any case, the goal had entered his field of vision.

He wondered if she'd stopped because of the white flowers that were in bloom there, and indeed it was so.

Winter  was  over;  its  dry,  freezing  winds  were  at  an  end, and  in  the  spring sunshine  the  scent  of soft  grass  filled  the air.  Squatting down,  gazing tirelessly,  almost hungrily,  at the nameless flowers, she looked not unlike a sheep.

Her head was completely covered by a hood, and the hem of her white robe nearly touched the ground.

He was  close enough to  see the places where the robe was slightly dirty, but from a bit farther off, she would definitely resemble a sheep.

Her name was Aryes.
She  said  she  didn't  know how  old  she  was,  but  to  Klass's frustration, she was just a bit taller than him.

Thus he'd decided that she was two years older than he was.
''Aryes!" Klass called her name, and Aryes finally looked up.

"You promised we'd make it over four hills by midday!"
Although he still didn't know what Aryes was thinking generally, Klass had grasped a few key truths.

One was that she would never do something just because he asked her to, but if he got her to make a promise, she would always keep it.

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