Saturday, June 18, 2016

Spice and Wolf Volume 06

Bolo's strides were long and quick.

She  walked  as  though  she  meant  to  punch holes  in the  cobblestones  with  her heels,  and although  Lawrence  usually found himself slowing his walking pace to let her keep up, suddenly the tables were turned.

The town was still chaotic; the clamor of the waves of humanity was  violent as  they crossed the  harbor.  Lawrence  found  himself pulled toward the water's edge by Holo, as she took his hand and
led the way.

From  outside,  it  might  well  have  looked  as  though  a  kind-hearted nun was pulling along a haggard traveling merchant in an effort to protect him.

But in reality, there was nothing kindhearted about her.

After all, just a short time ago, she had struck a forceful blow to the already-swelled-up right side of his head.

"Come, can you not walk a bit faster?!"

Holo  showed  not  a  shred  of kindness  now,  pulling  hard  on his  hand  and  scolding  him roundly if he  slowed  even  a  little, her expression sharp, as  though she had been about to eat some honey-drizzled raspberry tarts but had dropped them on the floor.

But Lawrence said nothing.
That her expression did not seem to accuse him made her actions difficult to criticize.

Lawrence was well aware of the fact that she was angry at herself.

That  said,  here  in  the  town  of Lenos,  he  had  worked  up  a scheme to  sell furs with Eve  that had put his life  on the line and even wound up injuring him, only to then have a dizzyingly diffi-
cult exchange with Holo.

A bit of a rest would have been nice.
"Can we walk a bit slower? Just for a little while:'

It wasn't as  though Lawrence had lost a significant amount of blood, but the earlier scuffle involving knives and cleavers had left him more than usually tired. His feet  were leaden, and his arms felt like those of a wood-carved mannequin.

And in any case, hurrying was pointless.

Lawrence  tried to  convince  Holo  of as  much, but she  looked back at him with a glare as hot as boiling oil.

"Walk? Walk, you say? So did you walk when you came to meet me then?"

The town of Lenos was on the edge of chaos; no one turned to look at Holo when she shouted.
"N-no! I ran. I ran!"

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