Saturday, June 18, 2016

Spice and Wolf Volume 04

The six days of winter travel had taken a toll on his body.

While it was fortunate that there had been no snow, cold was still cold.

What blankets he had were bought by the bundle and closer to softish boards than proper bedding. Anything that could plausibly ward off the chill had been stuffed under those blankets.

The warmest thing of all, naturally, would have been  another warm-bodied creature, ideally one with fur.

If  said  creature  could  talk,  though,  well — that  would  be  a problem.

"I cannot but muse that I am on the losing end of this bargain, 'tis true."

The sky was growing faintly brighter,  the  last vestiges of the night still caressing his face as though reluctant to leave.

Normally after being awakened by the cold, he would stare up at  the  paling  sky  for  a  time,  unwilling  to  emerge  from  the blankets — but  today  his  furred  companion was obviously in a
terrible temper.

"Look, I said I was sorry."

"Oh,  aye, if it's  a question  of who  is in  the  wrong  and  who should  be  apologizing,  'tis  you  and  sure  enough.  I  help ease night's chill as I can, and  I'm even generous enough not to charge you for the favor."

The  young  man  buried  underneath  the  blankets,  his  face exposed  and  looking  up  at  the  sky, was  Kraft  Lawrence.  He turned his head to the  left.

Lawrence  had  been  on  his  own  as a merchant  since he was eighteen — seven years now — and he had a fair amount of confidence in his ability to talk around even the most unreasonable of

But  even  this  seasoned  merchant  found himself  at  a loss for words when confronted by his companion, who lay to his right, directing at him  a displeased stream of words with a sharp gaze
to match.

The girl with her dark red eyes and flaxen hair was named Holo.

It  was  a  rare  name,  but  that  was  not  the  only  rare  thing about her.

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