Saturday, June 18, 2016

Spice and Wolf Volume 02

The rolling hills continued endlessly.
Boulders were prominent; grass and trees were few.

The road  wound thinly between the  hills,  frequently  becoming so narrow  that even the  single cart was enough to block it entirely.

Just when it seemed the  climbing would continue forever,  the road  turned down, and the seemingly endless naked  rocks and dried shrubs suddenly changed to a wide awaiting vista.

While  the  journey had  been  more  interesting  than  endless grass plains, most anyone would find the travel tiresome by the fifth day.

From the road, tinged with a loneliness that suggested the coming winter, the voice that once sounded its delight at the undulations of the stony, ocher path was now gone. Its owner was now apparently too bored to even sit on the bench of the cart; she lay instead in the bed, grooming the fur of her tail.

A young man  drove the cart, apparently  used  to such  selfish behavior  on  the  part  of his companion.  The man,  Kraft Lawrence, was instantly recognizable as a traveling merchant.  This
year made the seventh since he'd  struck out on his own, and he appeared  to be around  twenty-five.

As if in acknowledgment of the chill that came with the deepening autumn, he tightened the fur  coat that was wrapped around his body.

Occasionally, the chill also caused him to stroke his chin, covered in the  sort of beard  one often  saw on traveling merchants, since when he sat still, he became slightly cooler. Letting a breath escape that would have turned foggy once the sun set, Lawrence glanced over his shoulder at the bed of the cart.

Normally filled to the  brim  with various goods,  the bed was enjoying a brief respite. All that stood out was the firewood and straw that  provided  warmth  at night, along with  a single bag, small enough for a child to carry.

However, the contents of the bag were more valuable than  an entire cart  full  of wheat would have been. The bag  was  full  of high-grade pepper worth roughly one thousand silver trenni. If it could be sold in a mountain town, it might fetch as much as seventeen hundred  pieces, but the bag was currently being used as a pillow by Lawrence's companion, who continued lazily grooming her tail.

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