Saturday, June 18, 2016

Spice and Wolf Volume 17

Epilogue - Intermission

“Oh, how is our gentleman today?”

I hear the voice as I lie on the steps. My name is Enek, and yet it doesn't feel half bad being called a “gentleman.” I sigh and wag my tail, generously offering whatever help she requires.

“Is the Sister in?”

The woman has a cloth wrapped around her head, and with her sleeves rolled up like that she seems strong as a bear. If I remember correctly, she worked in a shop selling buckets and such. Presumably her work is done for the morning. That means she's probably stopping by for a prayer on her lunch break. The thought makes me yawn.

“I heard the children say they saw a carriage as they played on the hill.. I wonder if it's the one that Sister was talking about..”


It's so hard to keep my eyes open around this woman. Her presence just makes me want to fall asleep. There's little I can do about it, so I force myself to walk back to the Church to stay awake.

“But then, the children said it was black, like some carriage from the underworld.. I hope that's not a bad sign?”

Her questions continued; she was clearly trapped by her own curiosity. For such a bear of a woman, she sure acted more like a cat.

“Oh, you feel like joining me back inside, do you?”

Everyone in town casually talks to me, and I can't quite handle all the attention. That's why I just tune her voice out and walk down the middle of the hallway ignoring everyone. I only stop when I reach the door of the writing room. It's not just the place in a church for clergy to write, but also to read books.

It's been several days since the spring harvest festival. All of her time was devoted to countless prayers for saints, but things have settled down since then. Sadly, there aren't many people who can write, so she was probably still stuck doing that. At least, that's her normal routine, but..

“Sister, a carriage is..!”

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