Saturday, June 18, 2016

Spice and Wolf Volume 16

They both stared at that bag, knowing that it belonged to Cole, who should be far away in the town of Kinisen right now. Words like “thieves,” “brigands,” and “highwaymen” all flashed in their minds. The kinds of people Cole had no chance against. He couldn’t stand up to such violence.

This was just too much to take in right now. Lawrence couldn’t quite grasp what was going on. He looked up and saw a thin, cloaked man standing next to their table. He searched his memories, but knew nothing of the man. He didn’t even seem like the kind who was evil. Far from it, he actually seemed somehow elegant.

Saying nothing more, the man began walking away with the light footsteps of a goblin. Lawrence was still so shocked he didn’t even think to go after him. The only reason he got up was because Holo had taken one glance at the bag and jumped to her feet.


That was all he could say. Holo glared back at him wrathfully, like she was looking at an enemy.

“There must be others with him.. can you sense them?”

Her eyes remained glued on his, her anger slowly cooling as he stared her down. She then began hyperventilating, unable to calm herself. Her shoulders shook and she struggled to contain her anger. It was like her lungs were bellows, at least until she somehow managed to steady her breathing.

“Can you sense them?”

He repeated his question. She shielded her eyes like she was about to faint, but managed to finally take a deep breath before glancing around.

“I cannot say, there may be no one else.”

Her fangs were gleaming.

“But that is not important.”

She was beyond rational thought at this point, so he nodded and brought the bag over to her.

“Then let’s confirm that this is really Cole’s.”

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