Saturday, June 18, 2016

Spice and Wolf Volume 13

Wolf and Honey-Pickled Peaches

Even a smaller city like this could be attractive enough to become a trading hub. The setup was perfect; a lovely landscape, freely flowing waters, and rich soil.. all sorts of crops could thrive here. Those crops could be sold for a hardy profit because of how well they grew, and with that kind of income the quality of life here would be good enough to raise even more profitable crops with lesser yields.

In such an idyllic place, the flow of interesting products wouldn’t cease in the winter. Merchants imported goods in bulk, and travelers were always resupplying, so craftsmen and other service-providers were everywhere. In the face of such crowds, the main market was always lively, to the point that even the surrounding residential areas were noisy with cobblers, tailors, and carpenters. Even moneychangers and smiths were busily engaged in business.

Everywhere you looked, you saw crowds of people. Now and then you’d smell freshly-baked bread and fish wafting in the breeze, tempting you to stop. It was no surprise for it to do the same to these two traveling companions, who had been on the cold road with little more than bread and wine. Especially Holo, who finally sat down and clutched Lawrence’s sleeve after flitting to and from every stall along the way.

“Rabbit.. fish.. chestnuts.. sausages..”

She kept repeating the foods she’d spotted like some child trying to remember their names. If given the chance to sample everything she came across, she could easily spend a gold coin in a few days. Lawrence was focused on the complicated situation of the roads they were yet to travel, but her constant barrage of detailed reports was enough to clue him in on what was trading well in the city. Being landlocked explained the lack of variance in fruits, but also the wide variety of meats.

Lawrence felt his sleeve being tugged for attention. The stall they had just passed was roasting a pig whole. Skewering a pig and roasting it over a spit while drizzling it with oil took a lot of careful attention, but the results were delicious. A man who seemed to be the shopkeeper was toiling at this, bare-chested and sweating even in the dead of winter. Children were watching while smacking their lips and licking their fingers.. and so were travelers.

“..even if it is only once, I would like to try one of those..”

She mumbled at herself sadly as he turned to check up on her. He brushed it off by standing tall and coughing.

“Then you’ve already forgotten the piglet I bought you before?”

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