Saturday, June 18, 2016

Spice and Wolf Volume 12


Dawn was breaking across the horizon of the vast, snow-covered plain. It was freezing, to the point where simply breathing could give one a headache. Their only company was the sheep that had already been driven out onto the plain well before dawn.

It was a view that hadn't changed for centuries. It probably wouldn't change over the following centuries, either. Just a sunny sky and a flat plain with sheep on the snow. He drew in a deep breath and exhaled. For whatever reason, his eyes always watched the vapor as it was dragged off by the bitter wind.

The person next to him was still quite groggy. She was kneeling over the ground, playing in the snow.

“Perhaps it does not exist anymore.”

He didn't have an immediate response to her sudden statement, but eventually spoke.

“Well, at least that way you can’t ever lose it again.”

She threw a snowball she had formed while he considered his reply. It landed in the snow on the ground and sank, leaving barely any hole behind.

“Some humans will again lose precious things they have lost.”

Another barely-visible hole appeared in the snow, and another belated response followed.

“I don’t follow you.”

“Everything ends when you die.. that is what you are saying, yes? But that is not what everyone believes. Some believe that they shall be reborn in heaven, and others shall be reborn in hell. Thus, some shall be split apart and lose each other all over again.”

She opted to not form a third snowball. She breathed on her red hands to warm them up.

“Humans have such terrible imaginations.”

“Indeed we do.”

He nodded in reflection until he heard her next sentence.

“It is as though the snowballs disappear when they touch the ground..”

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