Saturday, June 18, 2016

Spice and Wolf Volume 01


In this village, when  the ripened ears of wheat sway in the breeze, it is said that a wolf  runs through them.

This  is because one  can  make  out  the form  of a running  wolf  in the shifting  stalks of the wheat fields.

When  the wind  is too strong and  the stalks  are blown  over, it is said that the wolf  has trampled them. When  the harvest is poor, it is said that the wolf  has eaten it.

It was a nice turn  of phrase,  but  it had a troublesome aspect that flawed  it, she felt.

Still, lately  it was a popular  sort of expression, and  there were few remaining  who wielded  it with the sort  of familiarity  or awe it had held in the past.

Although  the autumn sky  that  was visible between  the  swaying stalks  of  wheat  had  not  changed  in  hundreds  of years,  conditions below that sky had  indeed changed.

The  villagers who  tended  the wheat  as the years passed  lived for seventy years at the most.

Perhaps  it  would  be  worse for  them  to  go  centuries  without changing.

Maybe that is why there is no need  for them  to honor  the  ancient agreement, she thought.

In any  case, she knew she no longer had  a place here.
The  mountains  that  rose  in  the  east caused the  clouds  over the village to drift  mostly north.

She  thought  of  her  homeland  beyond  those drifting  clouds  and sighed.

Returning  her gaze from-the  sky  to  the fields, her  eyes fell  upon her magnificent  tail, which twitched just past her nose.

With nothing better to do, she set to grooming it.
The autumn sky was high and  clear.

Harvest time had come again.
Many  wolves were running through the wheat fields.

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