Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Only Sense Online Volume 7

Prologue - The 【Faerie Ring】 and Drop Rate 

Countless players aligned items, spending time preparing for dungeon and field searches in the evening. As people shared information amongst each other and traded items during the hours where it was bustling with adults, in the 【Atelier】——

"Hmm. Rice crackers in this store are delicious."
"They'll feel too salty if you don't drink tea with it. Here, sweets."

"I prefer ball candies here rather than crackers. I love sweets."
Finding the time when there's few people in, they have occupied the corner of the store...

"Hey, you all. What did you even come to my store for?"

Making a mystified expression, the Mischievous Fairy and her friends desperately swallowed the sweets they had in the mouths and after pouring hot barley tea to fairy-size cups, she then answered my question.

"Eh, this is the most quiet place to take break in the entire town."
"No, I don't intend on making a break station for fairies you know."

Although I stared at her, "and so" she responded and plopped her butt on top of the three-coloured synthetic Gel mobs. Is that like a soft sofa spoiling people? When I thought so, other fairies also started lazying around.

Seeing a sight of fairies lazying around on sofa with rice crackers in their hands, I could only thing they're picking a fight with fantasy setting.

"So. What are you doing for a while now?"
'Hm? This?"

What I raised up in front of the fairies was a crafting recipe's note with the mixing ratios. I always verified the ratios of the recipes I was able to decipher and I wrote the results of try and error in order to improve their effect.

And, on the page I left the note in there was something slightly different from the crafting verification results.

"I was looking at the 【Faerie Ring】's effect verification results."
"Ahh, that."

Saying so, the Mischievous Fairy flew up to me and touched the ring on the index finger of my right hand. And, as if convinced, she stroked the ring.

After becoming a 【Fairy Possessed】 accessory, as a result of the fairy's release, it did not return to being a normal accessory, but was changed into an unique accessory. I have written results of the 【Faerie Blessing】 effect it had in the notebook.

"The slight increase in stats can't be measured, but the success rate of skills, rare drop rate, elemental damage and bad status resistance are all increased by 3%."

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