Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Only Sense Online Volume 6

Prologue - The Bounty and Metallic Thread 

I looked inside while humming, making sure it's well-baked.

It would take some more time, but the aroma of the butter from the baking cookies drifted in the store. Two gluttonous young beasts got up and were waiting for them, their noses twitching.

"It'll take time until they're baked, maybe I should read a book."

While they were being baked, I picked up a book placed on the counter and continued from the page that was marked with a bookmark placed between the pages.

The other day I finally finished reading through the book I got during the summer event and now I worked on deciphering a new book.

The mysterious book that was a reward for the Wisteria Peach Tree and Giant Wolf's raid quest. The book's title was—— 【Folk Medicine's Encyclopaedia】, it was a book that had collected together highly versatile 【Mixing】 recipes.

"So this was the original recipe for making Revival Medicine."
I turned the book's page and compared the Revival Medicine recipes.

Although it was clearly written in this book how to make the Revival Medicine I came up with by trying blindly, comparing it to my recipe, apparently this one was a very basic arrangement.

The choice of materials and the way of preparation were slightly different, but roughly there was not much difference. It was interesting that this much could make such a difference in potions.

In the meantime, the timer function in the oven's menu had sounded the alarm, informing me that the cookies are done.

"Oh, looks like they got baked properly."

When I opened the oven, the leaking out scent of butter had spread all at once and the young beasts that were sleeping to wait it over have stood up immediately, coming closer to my feet.

"Hey, Ryui, Zakuro. They're still hot so wait."

In response the unicorn, Ryui lied down flat at the sunniest spot. But, the two-tailed black fox Zakuro's movement stopped in a pose with one of its forefeet raised, supporting itself with the remaining legs it started to strongly tremble.

"Pft, you don't have to do your best like that. Also, until the heat settles down you won't be able to eat anyways."

Hearing that it can't be eaten, Zakuro lost support and did a classic fall to the side. So it must have been a horrible shock to hear it can't be eaten immediately, I thought and let out a light laughter.

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