Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Only Sense Online Volume 5

Prologue - Revival Medicine and Black Insects 

"Yun, can you really make a Revival Medicine?"
"The recipe isn't complete. Since we gathered materials, I can experiment. Right."

"And what if mixing fails?"
"We'll go gather them again."

"There ain't time."

I invited Taku to 【Atelier】's workshop and received 【Wisteria Peach Petals】 from him. As the item provider, Taku watched me from the side.

I haven't told Taku about it, but for mixing the Revival Medicine, there were other materials than 【Wisteria Peach Petals】.

Herbs that are base of every potion, the Spirit Grass that's used for MP Potions. Also, the 【Water of Life】 that's used in various ways in crafting.

After knowing the combination of the materials, there was a possibility of reproducing the recipe from that. That's why I didn't tell Taku any details and have proceeded with the preparations alone.
With this, no matter the procedure I'll be able to make the Revival Medicine. The work from now on is to explore it blindly.

"Well, I'll just try like usual."
"Sure, it's in your hands."

First, I mixed the same amount of Potion, MP Potion and Water of Life together. With that, I created a pale green liquid inside of which I mixed in the peach-coloured petals. The petals have dissolved in the light green liquid over time and in the end, the liquid changed its colour to pink.

Degraded Revival Medicine 【Consumable】
Revival 【HP +1%】

I heaved a sigh at the result. In order to determine what was wrong I considered what effect each material granted the potion and wrote a crafting procedure I thought of on a note.

・The effect difference between the basic Potion's that was made with a skill and a high-quality Potion made manually.
・The effect difference between Potion, High Potion and a Concentrated Potion.
・The effect difference depending on the Potion and MP Potion ratio.
・What happens when Water of Life is used on a Potion.
・In case it was subjected to concentration, the difference depending on when was it done.

First, I changed ratio of each medicine to create a different mixture, on each try there was a difference in the shade of green.

I dropped a petal into a beaker with each mixture one by one and mixed it in, dissolving it.
Meanwhile, Taku looked around the 【Atelier】 interested, glaring at the tools he doesn't normally see.

Starting with concentrator and grinding machine, through multiple Synthesis Kit magic circles, the furnishings and to the Making Box. In the corner of the workshop part, were hanging herbs for drying and a portable furnace in the corner.

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