Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Only Sense Online Short Story 2

Myu: "Summer! It's over! But, it's the seaaa!!"

Toutobi: "...M-Myu-chan. That's a bit..."

Magi: "Isn't it fine? It's autumn now, but in the game world of OSO the seasons are unchanging in the fields. Because of the difference with real, sun is really dazzling here, isn't it."

Lucato: "I'll prepare the parasol now, okay. After that we can swim in the sea and we have a beach ball as well."

Magi: "Thanks. Even though the sunlight is really strong, the big advantage of a game is that you don't have to worry about sunburn."

Myu: "You're right. Also, how long are going to stay there! Why don't you come here! Onee-chan!"

Yun: "M-Myu. Don't... (Don't call me 'onee-chan'. I'm a man.)"

Myu: "What is it? Onee-chan?"

Yun: "(Why——of all times it doesn't get through to her nowwww!)"

Toutobi: "...Yun-san, are you okay?"

Yun: "Y-yeah. I'm fine, I'm fine."

Magi: "Even so, all of you sure have nice swimsuits there. It took some time to pick something from what Cloude prepared."

Lucato: "Still, we get to wear swimsuits we normally don't get to wear. To say, that would be one of VR's advantages."

Yun: "I'm not wearing it... I can enter water in my usual equipment and swim well enough without any discomfort."

Magi:  "C'mon  Yun-kun,  saying  such  things  again.  Don't  hide,  change  clothes. You're  hiding  it  under  that  hoodie  right?  It's  all  girls  here  so  there's  no  need  in acting reserved here."

Yun: "P-please spare me from thattt."

Toutobi:  "...Yun-san,  if  you  look  at  us  with  such  upturned  eyes,  it's  really troubling."

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